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Wednesday, April 30, 2003


Ever hear of Al Awda Colorado? How about Breakdown Book Collective? Citizens for Fair Legislation? These, along with Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace and Jewish Friends of Palestine, are Participating Organizations in COLORADO PALESTINE DAY, May 15th. This website holds that Israel is "an undeniable Apartheid State" and of course, "by definition, racist."

They have plans to protest the "Advocating for Israel" event, sponsored by the ADL and AIPAC, at Rodef Shalom in Denver on May 12th, as well as the "Major Gifts Thank You Dinner, featuring Rabbi Mordechai Becher, sponsored by the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado, on May 15th.

Readers will note the invention, by these enemies of Israel, of a new word: Hafrada, meaning apartheid, as in "Stop Racism, Bigotry and Ethno-centric Hatred! End American-supported Israeli Hafrada!"