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Thursday, May 29, 2003

"All Agreements with Israel are Provisional"

The National Unity Coalition for Israel, which represents 200 Jewish and Christian organizations dedicated to a secure Israel, has published this latest article by Prof.Louis Beres, "Terrorism as Sacrifice."

Beres believes that the concept of sacrifice is essential to our understanding of what makes a suicide bomber tick (sorry for the bad pun.) To show "the true nature of the Arab/Islamic terrorist adversary," Beres quotes recent "martyr" Samy Rahim: "Every day on which the sun rises and no Jew is killed, nor any martyr has died, will be a day for which we will be punished by Allah."

Even more chilling, he quotes Yasir Arafat's appointed clergy, preaching recently on the Temple Mount: "Palestinians spearhead Allah's war against the Jews. The dead shall not rise until the Palestinians shall kill all the Jews . . . All agreements with Israel are provisional."