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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Americans Apologize to Israel for the Roadmap

Arutz-7 has received, over the past few days, copious numbers of irate responses from American readers who are incensed at their government's position vis-a-vis Israel and the Road Map. They overwhelmingly express anger and disappointment at President George Bush and his administration for so heavy-handedly pressuring Israel to accept a Palestinian state alongside it.

A sampling of the letters received:

****Sirs, as an American citizen, I was infuriated by item 4, in [Wednesday's] news [referring to the list of planned U.S. sanctions against Israel in case it does not accept a Palestinian state]. I want to share with you the letter I just wrote to President Bush:

"Mr. President, I have never voted for any other than the Republican nominee, for the office of President of the United States, since 1968. That, sir, is about to change! You came into office, proclaiming yourself to be a friend of Israel, and you played that role for a while, but you have now turned into Israel's major enemy. The "Roadmap" is an evil contrivance, designed to break Israel's back, and I take the imposition of that piece of trash, upon Israel, very personally... Your "battle against terror" will never be more than a joke, so long as you deny the same right to the nation of Israel. Even worse, sir, you have demanded that they reward terror, by allowing a terrorist state, in their very bosom."

****Shalom, I'm a gentile and from the bottom of my heart I apologize for the forcefulness of my President concerning the road map...

****How DARE WE dictate such a horrific thing to Israel, and all in the name of politics and re-election. G-d help American if we continue on this path. I am ashamed, and just want to go on record that I will do all that I can with this one small voice to express opposition to this insane posture. The very idea!!!!!!!!!! I am livid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... This may not be a new thing to you, but it is a shock to me. I really thought President Bush had more moral fiber than that. I don't know what I can say; nothing I can say will excuse this. But, I will add my prayers to yours, that The Almighty intervene once again to keep your nation strong and secure.

****At this point I have come to the conclusion that President Bush has decided to make Israel expendable. He has not only reversed his position on Arafat, but he is essentially indirectly recognizing him again as the head of the Palestinian Authority. Bush hasn't uttered a word of protest at the machinations of Arafat and of Arafat's declaring that he, and not that phony prime minister, will run the show. Bush knows that Arafat seeks Israel's destruction. Bush has been persuaded to dump Israel if necessary to safeguard his next term.

*****Stop kidding yourself Israel. The rest of the world - including unfortunately my own country the United States - is holding you up as one would hold a chicken before its throat is cut. When I say the US, I don't mean all of its citizenry; there is plenty of sympathy for your cause by both Jews and Gentiles. But, this administration is heavily influenced by...

*****I am so disappointed in the decision to allow the "Road Map" be put into effect. A BIG MISTAKE FOR ISRAEL. I apologize my country has pressured Israel into this decision. May Hashem protect you and keep you.