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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

BLECH from Independent Media Center, courtesy of littlegreenfootballs
Israel's work [Comments by Seth Applestein 8:25am Tue May 13 '03]:

"The rumors of a US led invasion should have everyone in the Middle East trembling, except for Israel. This Zionist entity has succeeded in planting a Jewish hegemon in Saudi Arabia to pose as a Wahabiist leader. The Israeli neocons in Washington have been planning terrorist attacks in many countries to facilitate finger pointing at oil producing nations in the Middle East. No organization can simultaneously coordinate attacks such as 9/11 or such atrocities like yesterday, 4 bombs in Riyadh against westerners and a massive attack in Chechnya. This type of groundwork needs the help of a sovereign country. There is only one entity that has a free hand to operate at will inside all countries in the West. Only one entity continues to benefit from supposed terrorist attacks against West. Only entity uses the free hand to continue terrorist attacks on Western interests. Only one entity wants World War Three: The Zionist Entity in Israel."