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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Boulderite: "It is now the time for more constructive and supportive ideas for good will and optimism"
This morning's Daily Camera features a letter to the editor, denouncing Charles Krauthammer's commentary in the paper May 10 as "naively biased against Palestinians." The writer, Aldona A. Siczek, also holds that "Ariel Sharon is not any better on every and each account."

I can think of absolutely no logical or reasonable explanation for this kind of adoration of Palestinians, especially Arafat. What's to like, much less admire? And how can anyone call Krauthammer's support for a Palestinian state (sans Arafat), "biased against Palestinians"? What, the Poor Palestinians should keep Arafat, keep killing Jews, and get a country handed to them by the world? How can anyone claim to support peace and Arafat in the same breath? I'm afraid Siczek is not showing much in the way of the good will and optimisim she proclaims are needed -- not toward Israelis, anyway. They say the space between anti-Israel-ism and antisemitism forms a "slippery slope." Siczek may have just lost his footing. Not to mention his moral bearings.