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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

A Voice from Hebron: Gary M. Cooperberg
May 26, 2003

If there is one thing we must fight it is the natural tendency to despair.
There is no question but that the government decision to accept the so
called "road map" is a national disaster which will generate much needless
tragedy for the Jewish people. The mistake we Jews make too often is to
depend upon our leaders to save us. It is not our leaders who will save us,
rather the Creator of the Universe, upon whom we must place all of our

Anger at what has happened is certainly understandable. But anger and name
calling will not make anything better. We would do well to stand back and
look more carefully at the process of redemption over the last several
decades. The pioneers who spearheaded the drive to return to the Land and
reestablish Jewish sovereignty here were, by and large, non religious Jews.
The historical reality is that good and well meaning people, inspired by an
underlying religious fervor, plunged into an irrational and illogical
attempt in defiance of world powers and basic common sense. Most religious
leaders at the time spurned this attempt as sacreligious and refused to be
party to it.

The very fact that this effort resulted in the reestablishment of Jewish
sovereignty in the Land of Israel was proof that the action enjoyed Divine
approval. Rather than immediately recognize this fact, the majority of the
religious leadership of world Jewry chose to stand on the sidelines. It was
this factor, more than any other, which caused the development of a national
policy which greatly lacked faith in the Divine nature of the Jewish State.
It takes a leadership with very strong faith to stand up to the overwhelming
pressures of world powers. To date we have not been blessed with such
leadership. And our religious leadership has failed us as well.

When one is immersed in the Exile he cannot help but be influenced by it. I
have witnessed the painful reality that even rabbis who live in Exile cannot
help but lose their sensitivity to the mitzvah of living in the Land. For
all intents and purposes the governments of Israel have all been imbued with
an Exile mentality. All have sought to be like unto the nations rather than
accept their obligation to become an example to the nations of the world. We
thus find that even leaders of strong national parties and even religious
parties consider political interests above Jewish ones. Where are our

I have no doubt that Ariel Sharon really thinks that he made a wise, if
painful, decision. In his mind he "had no choice" but to surrender to powers
greater than he. Were he truly a G-d fearing leader he would have understood
that, indeed, he had no choice other than to reject even a suggestion of
parting with any part of the Land of Israel.

Again, rather than succumbing to despair, we must come to terms with
reality. This is not the first time that our leaders have not only
disappointed us, but made gravely dangerous and suicidal decisions. Even
before we had a state the majority of our leaders did not want to declare
our independence for fear of our enemies. Every time we won a war which was
waged by our enemies to destroy us, we stopped short of destroying them and
even returned much of the spoil of battle, which only served to tempt them
to attack us again. We never learned the lesson of our sages, "When one
comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first".

We accepted the partition plan. We gave back the Sinai. From the day after
the Six Day War we tried to give away Judea and Samaria for peace. Had our
enemies agreed they could have had it all immediately. We have never wanted
to believe that all our enemies want is to destroy us. They have no interest
in living with a Jewish State of any size. Today, with all of our past
experience, including suicide murderers who are willing to die in order to
murder, we still refuse to believe our own eyes. Rather than accept the
bitter reality and simply remove our enemies from our midst, we have decided
to force them to live in peace with us, even against their will. This is
truly an absurd concept.

It is true that we cannot rule over one and a half-million people who are
not Jews. We should not do so. If such people choose to live in Israel and
cannot accept our sovereignty and abide by our laws, it is not our
obligation to simply carve out a piece of our country and give it to them!
It is simple common sense to expel such people from our country. Why do
numbers give legitimacy to murder and thievery? The Land of Israel belongs
to the people of Israel; the Jewish people exclusively. That we have been
magnanimous and welcomed others to live here with us in no way obligates us
to grant sovereignty to our guests, nor to tolerate outright rebellion.

Yes, Mr. Sharon, it may well be that defying the United States will hurt our
economy. But, if we are a sovereign nation, then we certainly do have
choices. The truth is that we are more than a sovereign state. We are
fulfillment of Biblical destiny which brings with it obligations to the
Creator of the Universe. You, Sir, are a witness to countless miracles which
saw this state created in defiance of world powers, and survive many wars in
which we were outnumbered and logically should have lost. Even though you
are not an observant Jew, your own experiences in this country must make you
believe in our G-d. If you fear George Bush more than the Living G-d of
Israel, and your recent actions indicate that you do, deliverance will come
to Israel from another source and you will fall into the trash heap with
Jewish traitors like Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and Yossi Sarid.

Because the Jewish State is a Divine process, not a natural one, it will
never be destroyed. But those who have been placed in positions of
leadership and deliberately place her in danger for fear of the nations will
cause needless tragedy to the nation, and personal tragedy to themselves. At
times like these it is incumbent upon our rabbis and religious leaders to
openly declare that it is a sin to even suggest giving away any part of our
homeland. They should call for civil disobedience should any effort be made
to remove Jews from any part of Eretz Yisrael. And they themselves should
set the example. Where are our Rabbis?

Those who are in a position to invite Gary Cooperberg to speak to their
local groups may contact him directly at gary@projectshofar.org. Gary makes
regular speaking tours to the states and strives to reach out to all who
express an interest in the ongoing process of Zionist Redemption, Jew and
Gentile alike. An observant Jew, Gary will not enter into a church
sanctuary, but will be happy to address groups in a social hall or other
secular location.