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Friday, May 30, 2003

CBS Correspondent "a Propagandist and a Liar"

To: 60II@cbsnews.com

Dear Mr. [Bob] Simon:

Regarding your story on 60 Minutes II", this Thursday, May 28...of the female Arab homicide bomber ("The Girl Next Door"), I feel you have hit another journalistic low. This piece of dribble you call journalism was nothing more than shameful propaganda aimed at somehow justifying the savage murder of innocent civilian Jews by incredibly stupid and naive kids who were poisoned by their own leadership to commit mass murder. Never once did you mention the indoctrination and brainwashing process they go through. You never once mentioned the learned hatred of Jews and medieval blood libels inscribed in their so-called textbooks. Instead, you rebroadcast the mass murderer's (whom you consistently call 'martyr') last hateful diatribe, and air the killer's grieving family...portraying them as poor, innocent and victimized people. Are you trying to get us, the audience, to feel bad for these people and share their pain and anger of the Israelis for making her murder them? What garbage journalism! Maybe the next rape or murder that takes place in New York City, you can air the criminal's grieving family so we can all direct our anger and blame at the victim.

You further have the audacity to repeat the disgusting act of the New York Times by somehow tying Rachel Levy's fate of being blown up by the murderer herself Ayat al-Akhras because they were both young females. You repeat without raising a question of the nonsense that her feeling of anger toward the Israelis for her neighbor getting shot (who was probably a terrorist) by the Israelis inspired her act. Did it ever occur to you, that this was an act of premeditated murder, and not an act of spontaneous rage? Has your anti Israeli, Anti Semitism or Jewish self hate really blinded you so much that you cannot tell the difference between truth and lies? You comment..."At the same moment, 18-year-old Ayat arrived, armed with something else. A belt of explosives was wrapped around her waist. The two girls entered the supermarket together and died together." How tragic. How about saying that the two walked in together and the Arab girl murdered two Jews for no other reason than they were Jews. Or maybe you forgot there was a second Jew murdered. But of course, the truth does not really serve your agenda, does it? Do you really think the American public buys your attempt to garner sympathy for this savagery? To justify it as sheer courage by interviewing a group of Arab female students (whom I'm sure you had to look really hard for), who were well spoken, attractive, seemingly intelligent, and almost "All American" (one girl was even wearing a Boston University sweatshirt) and having them comment on Ayat's savagery. I quote:

""Because she is doing this for us, and for our land, and for our mosques, our churches. Not because of her, because she want to die," says Ikram, at Al Quds University.

"She doesn't have everything to live for," adds Safa, also a student at Al Quds University. "She doesn't have her freedom. She doesn't have her state. She can't move from her house to another. So why to live for? Engagement and studies, it's not everything." "

So you think the typical American would watch this and begin to understand them as brave victims standing up to the oppressor? See them as just typical students at a fine University (Al Quds is known as the breeding ground for the most vile Anti Semetic teachings on the planet). I'm sorry to tell you, Mr. Simon, the American people aren't as dumb and naive as you believe.

And, to top it all of, your equating the Israeli demolition of the family home the homicide bombers came from with the homicide bombing itself...

""Remember the father of the bride? His daughter, suicide bomber Andaleeb Taqatqa, was married to her village after she blew up six Israelis. Israelis blew up his home this past January. This is the Israeli part of the ritual. It happens all over the West Bank. And the house of Ayat al-Akhras may be next on the list.""

You show these seemingly poor people staring at an empty lot of rubble due to Israel's destruction of their home. Why not show all the cash they received from Yasser Arafat, the Saudis and Saddam Hussein? I'm sure they can buy many new homes with all the money they got...but again, the truth ill serves you. And your splendid choice of words...." Israeli part of the ritual" part of the same ritual? How dare you! As if the punishment and deterrent is part of the crime. Someone commits mass murder in the United States, and is caught and placed under arrest, then sentenced to jail or death, do you equate the crime with the punishment? A set of laws that every society puts in place that are enforced through punishment is the very foundation that a civil society rests on. It is a known fact, that families of homicide bombers receive huge compensation for the acts of murder carried out by their family members, thereby increasing the incentive to commit terror. So according to you, removing that incentive by destroying their homes which can always be replaced, is the other part of the same ritual of infiltrating civilian areas and blowing up innocent men, women, children, whose lives can never be replaced and whose families are forever shattered, and those injured will forever be traumatized all because they are Jewish? I don't think even you are as illogical. Instead, this is a prime example of your bias and hatred toward Israel.

Mr. Simon, I fully expect you to delete this letter and not respond. But I'm not worried since this letter is intended for the public to read - not you. I already know you are unapologetic and at the point of no return. You are a despicable man with despicable intentions that would no doubt make Joseph Goebbels very proud. It is people like you whom have destroyed broadcast journalism. America distrusts news magazines like yours because they have come to see through you. My intent is to further expose you for who and what you are, a propagandist and a liar.

Robert Milloul
New York, NY