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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

from Moshe: "Vile American LaLa Jews to Bribe Yidden to Forsake the Land"

NEW YORK, May 13 (JTA) Where pressure and persuasion have failed to grease the wheels of Israeli-Palestinian peace, cash will. At least that's the thinking behind a new campaign powered by such figures as actor Ed Asner, novelist Michael Chabon and cartoonist Art Spiegelman. They and other celebrity Jews, academics and religious leaders have signed on to a petition by the group Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, titled "A Call to Bring the Settlers Home to Israel." They seek to raise funds to offer around $3 billion in cash incentives to 16,000 settler families or nearly $190,000 per family to move back inside the Green Line, as Israel's pre-1967 border is known. The money would come from U.S. foreign aid and from the European Union, according to the plan's backers.

The drive is fueled by a recent Israeli poll that said 80 percent of Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip came to the area not because of religious or political ideology but because of government subsidies in the form of cheap mortgages, tax breaks and free schooling. Engineered by a former dovish member of Knesset, Marcia Freedman, the petition aims to settle the issue of Jewish settlements, which Freedman calls "a major obstacle to peace."

The resettlement plan seems to be gaining some traction in the United States. Freedman said the group's petition, which is online, is drawing about 200 signatures daily. If the petition garners 10,000 signatures, the group will begin lobbying Congress, beginning with Jewish legislators, Freedman said.

"That any Jew would support a campaign to make any area 'Judenrein' or free of Jews, is revolting and racist," said Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

1- Jewish "settlements" are not the "obstacles" to peace. There was no peace before 1967 and we did not yet liberate the "settlements". If "settlements" were the issue, why was there a war in 1967 when Judea, Samaria and Gaza were under foreign Arab occupation?

2- The obstacle to peace remains Arab terrorism and violence perpetrated by Arabs to annihilate an Israel of any size. And the inability of Arabs to live side by side with Jews, or anyone else.

3- The United Nations, European Union, Blair, Bush, Mazen, Arafat and Peace Now can plot all they want, Israel will remain the eternal homeland of the Jewish people. Yes, some may leave if they are paid off, but enough will stay, in spite of the terrorism and isolation.

4- For every Jew who signs a petition calling for the expulsion of Jews from their homes or to buy the Jews out of Israel, there are 100 who will sign a petition calling to allow Jews to live in all of Israel and for a counter-plan to raise funds to pay Arabs to leave Israel, if they refuse to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors. Send email now to
jsid@dorsai.org if you support the counter-plan to save Israel.
Subject: Don't expel Jews from their homes. Text of message: "Rather than to bribe Jews to leave their homes in Eretz Israel, spend the billions raised to relocate enemies of Israel who seek to murder innocent Jews". Please forward this petition to every list and person you know online. If Peace Now produces 200 signatures per day to drive Jews out of Israel, let us counter their petition with 2000 emails.