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Monday, May 12, 2003

Good 'Ol Antisemitic Boulder
A letter to the editor in this morning's Daily Camera objects to United States aid to Israel, which the writer (Kimberly Gibbs) says entails financing the "slaughtering [of] Palestinians . . . under the fanatical leadership of PM Ariel Sharon." Gibbs goes on about the "the all-powerful Israeli-Zionist lobby" . . . You know the drill: the Jews run the country, yadda yadda yadda.

I hope Boulder Jews will wake up, smell the antisemitism, and start writing! People like Gibbs don't mind Jews as victims, as starved and traumatized Holocaust survivors, but they resent Jews who would defend themselves and their children. A strong response from local Jews and other Zionists would stop this sort of public attack. Write to openforum@TheDailyCamera.com, deliver letters in person to their offices at 11th and Pearl, snail-mail to Open Forum, Daily Camera, POB 591, Boulder, CO 80306, fax to 303-449-9358 or call 303-473-1304. DO IT NOW!