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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Letter from Jerusalem 27 Iyar 5763, 42nd Day of the Omer, Malchut of Yesod.

The Yiden still don't get it.

Yes, my friends, Yehuda ben David is still around (just) but like Saddam and Osama etc. I've been in hiding. However, the howls of consternation over the Israeli government's acceptance of the so- called Road Map force me to make this brief appearance to remind you of a few fundamentals.

First and foremost, no matter how much pain it may inflict before it finally runs its course, the Road Map -- the latest Pharaoh-torture of the Jews -- is sooner or later bound to be consigned to the scrap- heap of history just like the Oslo-Asla fiasco that preceeded it. This is because any "final settlement" of the so-called Middle East problem that does not end up with the Children of Israel keeping the Torah in peace in the entire promised Land of Israel and the Temple rebuilt on Mount Moriah (as prophesied by Ezekiel and all the prophets) will only ever be temporary. The only true road map is the Bible (and it is a tragic shame that most Jews never look at it). In G- d's road map there is no Palestinian state. In fact, the Philistines of Gaza are completely destroyed and their territory taken by Judah. If so, the U.S. President's "vision" of a Palestinian state is bound to go pop in the end.

Then why is everyone so shell-shocked by Ariel Sharon's acceptance of the Road Map? Why was everyone so shocked when suddenly this week the Israeli Prime Minister himself was calling the territories "occupied"? (The essence of our problem is that we don't believe in ourselves.) Having watched the entire sick tragedy of Oslo from beginning to end, why are we not wiser this time around? Two years ago, when Ehud Barak's government came tumbling down amid the pandora's box of trouble opened up by the Peres- Rabin-Beilin mafia, almost all the Yiden thought Ariel Sharon was going to save the world. Until it soon became apparent, shortly after his election as Prime Minister, that if he ever was a Samson at all, he was already completely tied up and disempowered by the wiles of the Philistine Delilah. Today it looks more and more as if he wasn't Samson at all but rather the Trojan Horse. Everyone ran to elect him, and now look! Did you hear what he said this week to a shocked Likud MK who asked why he didn't consult with the party first? "Whether you like it or not you are going to vote in favor". Sharon obviously understands what it means to have your hands tied.

For over a year from early 2001, when Sharon was elected PM, until Operation Defensive Shield last year, it was apparent to all of us that the surging Palestinian terror was being orchestrated by the Fat Rat. Yet mysteriously, no matter how great the outrages (such as the Dolphinarium bombing), some hidden hand always restrained Sharon from acting against the Rat. Everyone was foaming at the mouth in frustration, but still Sharon held back. Even after the Park Hotel Seder Night pogrom in Netanya, when Operation Defensive Shield was unleashed, Sharon was still powerless to act against the Rat. "He swore to George Bush that he wouldn't harm him" we were told.

Why? Why is it that the Rat enjoys this special protection that enables him to machinate with impunity? We are told that if Israel killed him -- which would be the easiest thing in the world to do, far easier than killing Saddam -- it would create waves of instability throughout the entire Arab world. But the "liberation" of Iraq by America and Britain, which was also said to be bound to cause ructions everywhere, has been pulled off fairly efficiently with a minimum of upheaval elsewhere. Why can't Israel just kill the Rat and grit its teeth for a few days while the world media howl in rage, after which everyone will get down to the business of adjusting to the new reality, just like we have adjusted to the new situation in Iraq?

The answer is that although America, Britain and all the others who want Israel to "make peace" with the Palestinians understand very well that the Rat will sabotage every effort to do this, those same parties continue to protect the Rat and turn a blind eye to his machinations. The reason is because those parties actually want the very peace they claim to be pursuing to be sabotaged. They really do not want peace at all -- if they did, they would go about it quite differently (following the biblical Road Map). They don't want a real peace, because when Jerusalem is restored to its true glory, where will London, Paris and Washington be? What they want is not peace, but rather, a peace PROCESS -- another Oslo that will set Jew against Jew, the doves against the hawks, the peaceniks against the nationalists, the secular against the religious, the settlers against the army, the police and the courts... People all over the world will be raging against Israel and the Jews. All this keeps the Jews weak!!!

The paradox is that all this is taking place under the watchful eyes of the same secret cliques and think-tanks that have been crafting the new world order of which the conquest of Iraq was a major piece. We have been hearing repeated complaints recently of the disproportionately heavy presence of Jews among President Bush's closest advisors. Could it be that those same advisors who crafted his war against Saddam are also part of the clique that is crafting the war of attrition against the Jews?

How could this be, you ask? Could a Jew plot against a Jew?

Let me answer this by recalling a few images seen in the last few days that stand out strongly in my mind. The first is a picture of the Egged Bus that was bombed in French Hill last week. Like many Egged buses now, this bus bore the latest rainbow-colored advert of the secularist Shinui party: "HA-CHILONIM BA-IM -- The secularists are coming!!!" The ad is of course designed to strike fear and demoralization into the hearts of the Torah-observant, who are watching with dismay the rapid dismantling of what little remains of the so-called religious "Status Quo". I felt that the blown-out the bus leaving the charred, folorn Shinui message in place was a particularly poignant comment on the situation. Shinui have pride of place in Sharon's government, and all we get is fresh bombings! Welcome to the Chilonim!

A second image currently plastered all over Israel is the huge highway billboard that shows a picture of a sexy girl stretched out sunbathing in a bikini with the message: "The Ministry of Religions has determined that the girls in Eilat do not dress modestly".

In other words, someone cares so much that the minds of Israelis should be filled with lascivious thoughts that they are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of shekels on roadside advertising that openly mock the country's religion. If that is not a conspiracy against the neshamos of Yiden, what is? Or did the adverts get there by themselves?

Third image of the week: that of thousands of Charedi children marching on the streets of Jerusalem on Tuesday in protest against the Israeli government's economic decrees, with swingeing cuts in family allowances that are pushing hundreds of thousands literally below the breadline, while cuts in educational budgets are causing yeshivahs and kollels to close. People in the Diaspora for the most part have no idea just how dire the economic situation in Israel is for Shomrey Torah and Mitzvos.

Can't you put the pieces together? One: The "peace process" ensures that the energies of the settlers and all who feel for them -- the remaining few who believe in the true Eretz Yisrael -- are totally absorbed in an ennervating struggle that pits them against the rest of Israeli society and against the entire world. Two: The same Israeli establishment that embarked on the catastrophic Oslo process ten years ago has made sure to nip the Shas phemenon in the bud by politically castrating Aryeh Deri forever, after which they could be sure that Sefardic Jewish religiosity would never have the power to shake the secularist boat. And indeed, Shas was practically decimated in the last election and is now in the political wilderness. Three: Having enjoyed the overwhelming support of the Haredim, who deceived themselves into thinking it would follow their agenda, Sharon's government, with Shinui at the helm, has driven the rest of the Haredim into the political wilderness as well, and is now driving the dagger in ever deeper, breaking the very staff of bread of the Haredim.

This way, thousands of tender children who should have been sitting in their classrooms studying the Torah, were dragged onto the streets to demonstrate, thereby also getting swept up into the "political process"!!! They like to get 'em young!!!

When are the Yiden going to get it? The Road Map and all that goes with it isn't taking us any nearer to peace. We are in the middle of a raging war -- against US!

The illusion is that this is a war that we can fight using the tactics of this world -- politics, demonstrations, the democratic process... The devil is winning precisely by getting everyone swept up into politics, including even little children.

The Geulah isn't going come about through politics. It is going to come only as more and more of us wake up and realize that when the war is against the Torah, the way to fight is by observing and promoting the Torah more powerfully than ever.

With blessings of peace and joy from the Holy City of Jerusalem. Awaiting the rebuilding of the Temple.

Yehudah ben David