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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

YeshaNews stories for one day, Wed. May 28:

  • Arabs fired at bus, one person lightly injured and evacuated to hospital

  • Qassam missile fired at Sderot, hit a building. No casualties.

  • Tanzim terrorists carrying arms arrested in Bituniya.

  • Several stoning attacks against Border Police forces in Tul-Karem.

  • 4 wanted (HAMAS) terrorists arrested in Hebron, 2 in Nazla A-Sharkiya, one in Bir-Zeit, one (Tanzim) in Hebron, one in the Kud village.

  • Home of terrorist who tried to conduct an attack at the Metzer Kibbutz 11/02 -- demolished by the IDF.

  • Explosive device detonated at army bulldozer.