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Friday, May 30, 2003


HonestReporting has launched a new film, an honest and open examination of the lengths to which both the Israelis and Palestinians have gone to achieve peace in the region.

"Relentless" offers a methodical overview from the Oslo Accords until today of the commitments made by both Israel and the Palestinians, examining how each side lived up to their promises. It uses film from Palestinian TV, religious sermons and political rallies to reveal a behind-the-scenes look at Palestinian politics and culture. Loaded with footage rarely seen by Western audiences, "Relentless" uncovers the hidden agenda that is behind the collapse of the peace process and the continued struggle between two peoples.

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--> Buy a copy of the film, Call Lisa toll free @ 1 888 883 4726
--> Schedule a Showing in your area: Yisrael, yisrael@discoveryproduction.com, 212 921 9090
--> For tickets to any event nationwide, Tova, tova@discoveryproduction.com, 1 888 883 4726
--> For TV Cable leads: Scott Mathias, scott@honestreporting.com, 212 921 9090
--> Outside USA info: Scott Mathias, scott@honestreporting.com, 212 921 9090

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Current RELENTLESS Showings Nationwide:

May 29th Hollywood, FL
May 29th Park Slope, NY
June 1st Costa Mesa, CA
June 2nd, NY, NY --> LOEWS 42nd
June 3rd Richmond, VA
June 4th, Saugus, CA
June 8th, San Diego, CA
June 8th, Las Vegas, NV
June 9th, Milwaukee, WI
June 9th, Great Neck, NY
June 11th, Ashland, OR
June 14th, Staten Island, NY
June 16th, Skokie, IL
June 17th, Ridgewood, NJ
June 18th Houston, TX
June 18th, Toronto, Canada
June 22nd, Charleston, WV
June 22nd, Brighton Beach, NY
June 23rd, Munster IN
June 25th, Sylvania, OH
June 25th, Detroit, MI
June 25th, Plano/Dallas TX
June 26th Plano/Dallas, TX
June 30th, St Louis, MO
July 1st, Beechwood, OH
July 7th, Costa Mesa, CA
July 10th, Miami Beach, FL
July 15th, Baltimore, MD
July 17th, Oakland , CA
July 21st, Cherry Hill, NJ
July 21st, Rockville, MD
July 23rd, Baltimore, MD

for complete schedule go to www.discoveryproduction.com