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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Thomas Friedman's "Passion for Peace"

Get this: " . . . for both Israelis and Palestinians, forging a two-state solution will require some level of civil war within each community -- between moderates and extremists. And we should want that more than they do (or at least as much), because if we've learned anything since 9/11, it's that the spreading flames of Middle East conflicts have, in a world without walls, begun affecting our quality of life. Their madness has become our metal detectors -- and we've had enough of it."

"We've" had enough?? Who's he talking about, "we"??

"Their" madness?? Who's he talking about, "they"??

Translation -- "We (secular Americans, not related to Jews nor Arabs) urge Them (Israelis and Arabs, to whom we are not related) to engage in CIVIL WARS -- because Their miasmic 'cycle of violence' is interfering with our illusion of safety here in America. 'We've had enough' of Their complexity -- it requires too much effort to understand, so we're simply not going to 'take it' anymore."

They pay him HOW MUCH at the New York Times for this kind of slop?