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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

UN International Meeting in Support of Middle East Peace in Kyiv, Ukraine
Kofi Annan today urged both sides (in the Arab war on Israel) to "recognize that they are partners in this endeavour and can only succeed or fail together." Annan moves easily from this stance of equivalence, to one that castigates Israel more for her self-defence, than the Palestinians for their terrorist atrocities. Consider his statement: “Terrorist attacks against civilians, arbitrary assassinations, arrests and detentions, house demolitions, stifling closures and blockades, settlement activities – all unilateral measures of one kind or another should come to an end."

Palestinians, 1, Guilty of terrorist attacks.
Israel, 7 times as guilty -- of assassinations, arrests, detentions, demolitions, closures, blockades, and everything to do with settlements.

Things are bad enough as they are. Can you imagine if Kofi Annan had his way, and Israel halted all these defensive measures? It's ludicrous; he might as well ask Israel outright, to commit suicide. He has a lot of nerve saying such things in the Ukraine.