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Friday, May 02, 2003


G-d bless Abraham D. Sofaer for writing "Wrong Turn: The road map won't lead to peace if it bypasses the causes of war," and the WSJ for publishing it, and all of you for reading it:

. . . "Palestinian violence is a much more serious and difficult problem than even Dennis Ross now admits. It is the product of an environment that fosters, shelters, encourages and rewards acts aimed at nullifying Israel's very existence. And that environment is itself the creation not only of the Palestinians, or of the Arabs, but also of the international community--including the U.S. To change this situation requires changing not just the actions and attitudes of Palestinians but the policies and practices of others, again including the U.S. No recognition of these facts, let alone any acknowledgment of the need to do something about them, has been made part of the road map--which is again why it shares the basic flaw of every Middle East peace plan that has preceded it."

Copy the full article, then go to this State Department site, paste it into the "comments" box, and send it to the Secretary of State! Email it to the President at president@whitehouse.gov