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Monday, June 16, 2003

972,000 Thousand New York Jews

Why did I ever leave Brooklyn?!
The UJA-Federation of New York has released a new study of New York Jews, according to the New York Times. Some interesting items:

* The Jewish population of New York City has fallen by 5% since 1991, but rose by a corresponding amount in suburban counties.

* Jewish population up 40% in Westchester Co. since 1991.

* One in five Jewish households in NYC report incomes that meet the definition of poverty.

* Jews constitute almost 35% of the city's white population.

* Proportion of orthodox Jews on the rise -- up to 19%, from 13% in 1991; corresponding drop in Reform and Conservative.

* In 1957, one out of every four New Yorkers was Jewish, compared with one in eight today.

* Staten Island: 42,000 Jews, up 27% in the last decade.

* 92% of Jews in the City and three suburban counties said that the survival of Israel was very important to them.