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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Beyond Antisemitism

Absolutely horrifying.

See www dot InformationClearingHouse dot info slash article3940 dot htm

"There you have it, this “tiny, little, poor nation of Israel, just struggling to survive.” Let us now get rid of this myth; let us face the reality. This Israel is not the Israel Moses would have wanted, nor Jesus, nor the God these religions profess to believe in. For this Israel is a powerhouse of intrigue, lies, brutality and cunning with only destruction of others in mind—with lessons the Ashkenazim Jews learned from Hitler—so that even to this day, the Falasha (Ethiopian Jews), the Sephardic (the true Mediterranean Jews) are treated like second and third class citizens in their own land (they have lived there for thousands of years, the Ashkenazim of Europe, descendents of the Khazars, converts from Slavic tribes to Judaism, have only come to the Middle East in the 20th century), and of course, the Palestinians (Philistines in Arabic and Hebrew) who have lived there for several thousand years are being brutalized so that Sharon and his minions may push them out of this false Israel, aided by their ignorant American “Christian” allies who hope that when Armageddon comes, all the Jews will convert to Christianity."

The author is a Ph.D., and supposedly "an expert on world affairs, especially the Arab and Muslim worlds. He writes often for www.CounterPunch.com and www.todaysaltnews.com ; he is a former advisor to the U.S. State Department and served as editor of Third World News in Wash, DC." His email address is provided.