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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

BUSH: Like Father, Like Son

by Yedidya Atlas
Much has already been written as to why the Bush "Road Map" is dangerous for Israel, why it rewards terrorism, etc. etc. So I won't bother to focus on the obvious. After all, we in Israel have already lived through the Rogers Plan, the Vance Plan, the Reagan Plan, the Mitchell Plan, the Tenet Plan, the Saudi Plan and probably some other plans I've forgotten about, all of which are basically the same, including the Bush "Road Map" Plan.

In essence, all of these Plans boil down to this: Israel, the victim, is labeled the aggressor and must give up tangible national assets that puts her national physical survival in jeopardy, while rewarding the terrorist aggressors, who are officially designated " poor, misunderstood victims."

Their brutal and murderous violence has to be excused because:

a. they are stateless (although they never had a state before. Their purported nationality was only recently invented as a tactical weapon to make an amnesiatic world forget that 21 heavily armed Arab countries with hundreds of millions of people have been trying their darnedest to destroy Israel and the Jewish People for most of the last century; and so their Madison Avenue flunkies came up with the "poor, Palestinians" ploy),

b. they live in a violent culture (Islamic, which in a multi-cultural world it's OK, because who's to say what is and is not moral, after all),

c. their enemies are Jews, so automatically it's OK, because they're only killing Jews (who should be used to it by now and should stop complaining), and by supporting the "poor Palestinians" and opposing the "Israeli aggressor", one can be anti-Semitic in Politically Correct company where it is not de rigueur to admit that the real reason you oppose Israel is because you hate Jews.

d. All of the above.

Therefore, I am going to focus on why US President George W. Bush, considered up until recently as the best friend Israel ever had in The White House, has now apparently thrown in his hat in the Threaten Israel's Existence Club. Continued . . .