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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Edward Said refers to Bernard Lewis and Daniel Pipes as "Neanderthal"

Edward Said, University Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, is known as a "leading Palestinian intellectual." Said has claimed that the Jews are not a people at all, because Moses was an Egyptian. In his latest musings under the title, "The Meaning of Rachel Corrie," he says:

"It is no wonder, then, with the extraordinary fear of seeming anti-Semitic by criticizing Israel for its daily crimes of war against innocent unarmed Palestinian civilians or criticizing the US government and being called "anti-American" for its illegal war and its dreadfully run military occupation, that the vicious media and government campaign against Arab society, culture, history and mentality that has been led by Neanderthal publicists and Orientalists like Bernard Lewis and Daniel Pipes, has cowed far too many of us into believing that Arabs really are an underdeveloped, incompetent and doomed people, and that with all the failures in democracy and development, Arabs are alone in this world for being retarded, behind the times, unmodernized, and deeply reactionary."

It's a very long sentence, isn't it?

He goes on to assert that Palestinian Arabs are fighting for a just and noble cause, have nothing to apologize for, or anything to be embarrassed about. "On the contrary, they should be proud of what their people have done . . . "