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Monday, June 23, 2003

Ever Google Yourself?

It actually wasn't an act of vanity. I was trying to find out if anyone had picked up my term, 'zioneocon' (no one had), when I found that one of my local letters to the editor had been copied out by a truly disgusting antisemitic website. It was printed under the heading, "More Jewish desecration of the memory of Rachel Corrie."

The site, for those with a strong stomach, is jewishtribalreview dot org. It describes itself as "a compilation of links to online articles (largely from the mainstream media and Jewish ethnic sources) about Jewish influence in popular culture, Jewish power, Jewish ethnocentrism, Jewish wealth, Jewish power, Jewish ethnocentrism, Judaism, Jewish racism, Jewish political lobbying, Israel, and Zionism." The site further boasts a "2,000 page online scholarly work," called "When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America."

I shared this with my teacher, who pointed out that, despite all the allegations, the site does not address the most fundamental of questions: Who and what are the Jews? There is no answer to the mystery of what makes our people a distinct group. We are not simply a race, religion, creed or nationality, yet we are the object of the only word in any language in the world, coined to describe the hatred of one particular people -- 'anti-semitism.'

My teacher asks, "Why is the world eternally obsessed with Jews?" and I have no answer. Only a deep sense of dread.