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Sunday, June 29, 2003

From the Islamic Republic News Agency

"Zionist regime waging war with the BBC"
London, June 28, IRNA -- The Zionist regime was reported Saturday to be waging its own war with the BBC for publicizing an insight into the extent of Israel's undeclared nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in violation of international conventions.

According to the Times newspaper, Israel has broken all contact with Britain's public service in protest at its repeated "demonization" of the country and the planned showing of a critical documentary on BBC World on Saturday. The sanctions imposed on the BBC were said to include refusing to put up official Israeli spokesmen for interviews and visa restrictions on the corporation's journalists . . .

. . . The Zionist lobby in Britain has a ruthless reputation of intimidating the media, and the final element in Israel's complaints against the BBC was reportedly when it originally screened the documentary of "Israel's Secret Weapons" in the UK back in March . . .