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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Hamas on the run

According to JPost, Hamas said in a statement Thursday: "We call upon all foreigners to evacuate the Zionist entity (they mean the state of Israel) immediately in order to protect their lives," Hamas said. "We call on all military cells to act immediately and act like an earthquake to blow up the Zionist entity and tear it to pieces." Hamas said it would "teach the criminal enemy new painful lessons" and that the "Gaza Strip, if the enemy invades it, will be transformed into a graveyard for the invaders".

Meanwhile, "Hamas officials in Gaza City confirmed that the movement's top leaders were hiding, saying they have decided to take precautionary measures to protect themselves against possible Israeli retaliatory attacks."

Let me guess, they're hiding . . . among civilian women and children, their families even, risking their lives as "collateral damage" and then if they do get killed, using their deaths to defame Israel further in their propaganda. Whew, I'm so glad I married a nice Jewish man, a real mensch, and not one of these.