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Friday, June 20, 2003

I got, well, I guess it's hate-mail of a sort

No return address, no signature. Obviously not much courage of conviction there, and probably, sadly, a Jew-hating-Jew, but nevertheless, this is what s/he says:

"Anne, darling

I've seen you around town and heard your talk and read you letters. I would like to respectfully suggest you get help from a therapist-jewish preferably- about your over active denial gland. Israel has committed heinous crimes against the indigenous people of Palestine and you seem to only gloat about it. You may not agree, but most people see them as people too."

On the other side is a xerox copy of a statement in support of Israel which I helped to organize, and which was published in the local papers, with 400 signatures. The signatures remain, but our text has been supplanted with the following:

"We the undersigned do not believe in KARMA. So when international observers like Rachel Cory (21) who was cruelly crushed by an Israeli bulldozer, Tom Herndal (21), Brian Avery (24), and also James Miller a documentary filmmaker and a Routers reporter, all wearing fluorescent vests, were shot in the head by the Israel "Defense" Force we look the other way and stand by Israel.

We believe in stealing land by guns and death for our own salvation. We stand by Israel in suppressing, humiliating and destroying the culture of poor indigenous people and grabbing land by colonies and walls.

We do not believe our actions are endangering of labeling all Jews as Vicious and therefore putting their reputations in jeopardy.

In the name of Zionism we damn the Palestinians for not forfeiting "our" land peacefully.

In the name of greed, righteous Zionism and denial . . . [we stand with Israel].

Oh, and for a special touch, the writer used a U.S. stamp with Arabic writing.