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Friday, June 27, 2003

IDF prevented major attack -- one soldier killed

In the PA neighborhood of Bakshi near Netzarim, IDF forces surrounded the home of Hamas leader Amran Al-Awal. He refused, and a "protracted battle" resulted, in which Al-Awal, his cousin and another terrorist were killed. The IDF said Al-Awal was a "ticking bomb," having planned a major attack for the Netzarim or Karni areas today. IDF St.-Sgt. Erez Ashkenazi of Kibbutz Reshafim was also killed and another soldier lightly wounded.

Down the block (Arutz Sheva said it, I didn't), Fatah terrorist Muhammad Abu Atiye was killed in a similar "shoot-out."

Yesterday, a 15-year-old Palestinian terrorist shot and killed a telephone company worker, Amos Amit Mantin, 31, in Baka al-Garbiye, on the pre-1967 side of "Green Line Israel." The murderer, who in a sane world would have been considered a child instead of a danger, was taken to HaEmek Hospital in Afula, in serious condition, shot by telephone company workers.

Also in Baka al-Garbiye, the IDF killed two Palestinian Arabs and arrested two others. The Arabs were carrying bombs "on their persons."

Kassam rockets continue to be fired at Sderot in the Negev. Nine mortar shells hit Gush Katif on Tuesday night and Wednesday, and another 11 landed Wednesday night and Thursday morning. School buildings and a telephone pole were damaged, but no one was hurt.

A terrorist with a large bomb to be detonated in Petach Tikvah was caught before it could be exploded, and a terrorist planning to commit a suicide bombing
was picked up near Tul Karem.

* * * *

This is insanity, absolutely, but what is the more worrisome insanity is found in headlines such as this in today's Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald: "Militants nearer truce despite bloodshed." The lead-in says "Palestinian negotiators say militant groups are inching closer to a ceasefire in their war with Israel, despite Israel's rejection of the truce and its continuing assassination attempts against them." Very last paragraph begins: "Palestinian violence also continues to dog the peace process."

I've been monitoring the world press on this issue for more than a year now, and it's shocking how commonplace the bias against Israel has become, how out of control. And believe me, the press does not answer one's objections. Try it and see, at this site for posting "editorial and story feedback" at the Sydney Morning Herald.