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Friday, June 13, 2003

"Israel's efforts to destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad represent the only hope Abu Mazen has."

John Podhoretz, in today's New York Post, exhibits undeniable (and refreshing and reassuring) clarity: "The answer is simple, even if the execution will be fiendishly difficult: The terrorist groups that stand in the way of progress must be defunded and destroyed. Period." How can anyone possibly argue with that? Whether you specifically favor establishment of a Palestinian state or not, Podhoretz is right: This is the only path to peace. It is certainly Israel's only hope for survival.

Along these same lines, see Joseph Farah's "Cycle of Violence?" at WorldNetDaily. I love it when he says, "There is such a thing in life as an irreconcilable difference," and I hate it when he describes Israel's perilous position, though I know it to be true:

"Israel is outnumbered by its enemies in the Middle East. It is out-resourced by its enemies in the Middle East. It is out-financed by its enemies in the Middle East. It is out-maneuvered in the public relations war by its enemies in the Middle East. There are only two advantages Israel has over its enemies: It is right, and it has military might.

If Israel doesn't utilize those two strengths – and soon – the world will soon witness another Jewish holocaust."

G-d forbid.