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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Krauthammer: The Middle East 'road ahead'

"On May 23, just a week ago, the official newspaper of the supposedly reformed Palestinian Authority carried a front-page picture of the latest suicide bomber dressed in suicide-bomber regalia. It then referred to the place where she did her murdering as 'occupied Afula.' The town of Afula is in Israel's Galilee. It is not occupied. It is not in the West Bank or Gaza. It is within Israel. If Afula is occupied, then Tel Aviv is occupied, Haifa is occupied, and Israel's very existence is a crime.

This bit of incitement and delegitimation was, to my knowledge, reported in not a single American newspaper. It is simply too routine. It is the everyday stuff of Palestinian newspapers and television, schoolbooks, and sermons."

Unless Abu Mazen takes real steps to end incitement and terror, no peace is possible, "and the new Bush peace initiative will amount to nothing more than Oslo redux." Enjoy Krauthammer's clarity in full at townhall.com.