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Monday, June 30, 2003

Like the man says, he's not the only UK scientist with these views

From: Stephan Feller stephan.feller@cancer.org.uk
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 4:37 PM
To: Shanghai Mike
Subject: Re: Wilkie

Dear All,

It¹s no fun to come into the lab at the beginning of a busy day where I am supposed to head a cancer research lab and to have to sift through a pile of unwanted spam.

To return the favor (i.e. nonrequested information), I will tell you the story of my Palestinian graduate student, a very energetic and charming young lady (she is Christian, not Moslem by the way, but that should not make a difference to you!?):

Here father, born and raised in Jerusalem (where his family has lived for many many generations), has been forced from what he considers his home country and has had to life since then in exile in Amman, Jordan. Although he is a distinguished and very successful businessman, to this day he is not allowed to return to Jerusalem after several decades. My graduate student has further lost two female cousins (7 and 11 years old) to stray rockets fired from an Israeli helicopter in whatever revenge mission they were on. I would guess it is likely those two girls were innocent bystanders.

Compared to this, the hardship faced by the applicant mentioned in your mails appears to be unpleasant but almost bearable. Would you agree with that?

Would you also be willing to spend some of your precious time to try and stop the killing of children in this idiotic fighting which has been going on for centuries now?


Feller's professional email address is included as it is a matter of public record. Besides, if you "Google" "Stephan Feller," there it is, third hit from the top.