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Friday, June 13, 2003

New York Times Insists on Glorifying Suicide Bombers

Ian Fisher is at it again, with today's "A Sudden Violent End for a Promising Youth." I am so appalled by this that I won't make a link; if you're interested, you can find it. This so-called "promising youth" disguised himself as an orthodox Jew, got on the #14/A bus in Jerusalem, and proceeded to murder 17 innocent peole, and to wound and maim almost a hundred others. The "sudden violent end" that Fisher portrays didn't come out of nowhere -- this young man, the same age as my son, premeditated and completed an act of racist mass murder. No matter how hard Fisher tries to explain, to humanize, to redeem, to romanticize, to glorify . . . what this kid did, in the name of his god, was the most vile and despicable thing imaginable. He should rot in hell. And I don't think much of Ian Fisher, either.