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Monday, June 02, 2003

NY Times didn't bother to cover the 39th annual Israel Parade

According to JPost, 100,000 New Yorkers marched, "with dozens of floats and marching bands and countless dignitaries" down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Under the theme, "WE SALUTE THE COURAGEOUS SPIRIT OF THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL," JPost notes the participation of Zionist youth groups, 1948 war veterans and Hebrew day school students, and quotes this marcher: "Sampson Lester Friedman, a 79-year old World War II veteran who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his numerous sorties over Japan, described just one life regret as he marched with the Jewish War Veterans. 'I'm only sorry I didn't fight for Israel,' he said."

So why didn't the NY Times cover this? Do you think they would have covered a parade down Fifth Avenue, of any size, were it their beloved and oh-so-interesting ARAB MUSLIMS doing the marching? Call them on their bias; write to: