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Sunday, June 29, 2003

The Original Hudna

Aaron at Internet Haganah wrote about a certain "as-sabeel website," but before doing so, archived that site, gaining access to a history of the original hudna, known as the Al-Hudaibiyah Treaty. The website is not currently online, so this "save" is a fortunate one. The entire story is posted, but this will give you some of the flavor:

Terms of the hudna treaty entered into by Mohammed with his enemies, the Quraishites:

1. The Muslims shall return this time and come back next year, but they shall not stay in Makkah for more than three days.

2. They shall not come back armed but can bring with them swords only sheathed in scabbards and these shall be kept in bags.

3. War activities shall be suspended for ten years, during which both parties will live in full security and neither will raise sword against the other.

4. If anyone from Quraish goes over to Muhammad without his guardian’s permission, he should be sent back to Quraish, but should any of Muhammad’s followers return to Quraish, he shall not be sent back.

5. Whosoever wishes to join Muhammad , or enter into treaty with him, should have the liberty to do so; and likewise whosoever wishes to join Quraish, or enter into treaty with them, should be allowed to do so.

"When there was armistice, war was abolished, and men met and consulted together, none talked about Islam intelligently without entering it; within the two years following the conclusion of the treaty, double as many entered Islam as ever before. This is supported by the fact that the Prophet went out to Al-Hudaibiyah with only 1,400 men, but when he set out to liberate Makkah [Mecca] two years later, he had 10,000 men with him."