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Monday, June 02, 2003

"Roadmap for Dummies"

Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D, lives in the Shomron, where he is actively involved in creating communities for English-speaking olim, and in an emigration program for Palestinians. In this opinion piece at Arutz Sheva, Dr. Neumann writes:

"Sharon's intention to remove 'illegal' outposts and his determination to remove established settlements is nauseating. The blatant anti-Semitism in the 'NO JEWS ALLOWED' policy of the bullies' Roadmap is even more sickening. Hundreds of Jewish families have bought land in the West Bank, but are prohibited to step foot on their own land only because they are Jews. An Israeli Arab may move onto a farm he purchased in the West Bank. An American citizen that is of the Moslem or Christian faiths may move into the West Bank. Only Jews are barred.

This insidious Roadmap to Peace is not only morally wrong, but useless and counterproductive. Israel should not be required to make 'painful' compromises for peace. Making one 'painful compromise' after another, rather than bringing peace, only reinforces the disgraceful persona of the cursed wandering Jew and invites attack."