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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Shavua Tov? Arafat Plans grand Victory March

DEBKAfile asserts that plans are underway for an Arafatian Victory March, to take place after the onset of Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and Bethleham, reaching its climax in the Gaza Strip. The slogan? Our Intifada Has Won. This will demonstrate "that Arafat was clever enough to extort American and Israeli recognition for a Palestinian state by a sustained campaign of terror, that he is not done yet," and that Abu Mazen is a nobody.

The DEBKA report points up that, for the last six months, Arafat has been free to travel where he pleases in Palestinian areas or overseas. He has, however, kept himself confined to his quarters in Ramallah. According to DEBKA, this has been to shelter two hundred or so master terrorists from his own Fatah, Tanzim and Al-Aqsa Brigades, as well as some Popular Fronts, Hamas and a few Hezbollah agents. Since Sharon promised Pres. Bush that he would not harm Arafat in person, these terrorists, wanted by Israel, are perfectly protected by his presence.

"Yasser Arafat will enjoy a revival of prestige in the eyes of the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs having demonstrated by the Israeli withdrawal under pressure from Washington that the Americans, the Israelis, Abu Mazen. Dahlan are still dancing to his tune and that terrorism pays:

If 33 months of violence brings such rich dividends, then why not go on until Israel is brought to total collapse?"

G-d forbid.