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Friday, June 27, 2003

"The Sign of Lunacy" By Berel Wein

"There is a famous hassidic story about a king and his wise adviser who discover that the grain crop of the coming year contains a substance that, when ingested, induces lunacy. Since the kingdom is wholly dependent on the local grain crop for its sustenance there is no escape from consuming this lunacy-inducing grain.

The king initially suggests that he obtain healthy grain for himself, his adviser and their families. But the adviser gently reminds the king that if everyone else in the country is insane and only he and the king remain sane, they will be judged the insane ones.

The king sighs and says, 'You are right. We also will eat from the lunacy-inducing grain to be like everyone else. But let us at least put a mark on our foreheads so that when we look at each other we will realize and be reminded that we are really insane!'

I can think of no better parable to describe our current political, diplomatic and military situation. What sane country would dismantle outposts, release terrorist murderers from prison, and offer to strengthen the hands of those who are pledged to destroy it - all in the name of an illusory road map to peace that has no more chance of leading anywhere than its ill-conceived predecessors over the past 40 years, all while its citizens are subject to daily terrorist attacks?"

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