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Thursday, June 12, 2003

"Stop Following the Yellow Brick Roadmap"

by Patrick Pearlman of West Virginians in Solidarity with Israel, posted at JPost
I probably shouldn't post this letter because I'm mad as Hell and fed up with politicians -- Israeli and American -- who continue to fret about how to preserve the "Roadmap" and ignore the reasons for their predicament.

As if no-one could've have seen this coming. What can you expect when 3 of Israel's enemies and a superpower interested only in diverting Muslim animosity towards itself get together to "hammer out" a peace process without bothering to involve the interested parties? (I seem to remember a similar peace process being hammered out at Munich some years ago) Israel was not invited, was not consulted, and was not even allowed to register its reservations about the "Roadmap". Couple that with the fact that the Quartet has willfully ignored every act of Palestinian noncompliance with Oslo and its progeny, every act of incitement to terror, and every act of terror itself, and one has to wonder what the international diplomats are smoking during their confabs.

Now, in order to ensure that the "Roadmap" is implemented, I'm beginning to hear voices in the US that "international peacekeepers" may have to go to Israel to separate the Israelis and Palestinians. Some suggest NATO troops, others even go so far as to suggest troops from Arab nations. Incredible. Whatever the diplomats are smoking, it's apparently pretty potent.

How much longer will Israelis and their leaders tolerate this farce?

It is time to firmly, and politely, say "No" to the "Roadmap," and "No" to any more international interference in Israel's affairs. If Israel and the Arabs are going to make peace, then they'll do it themselves -- it cannot be imposed. If America is Israel's friend, then it should prove that friendship by ending the pattern of pressuring Israel to make concessions, without demanding any concrete action by the Palestinians and their supporters. It should prove that friendship by refraining from extorting concessions in exchange for money to rehabilitate an economy devastated by the concessions previously demanded of Israel.

Giving in to the unrealistic demands placed upon Israel over the past 13 years has brought Israel only economic misery, death and destruction. After all, how much worse could it be if Israel just said "No"?