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Monday, June 09, 2003

Wave of sick equivalence in the press

The New York Times Sunday Week in Review includes a piece by John Kifner, whose work I despise. In this article, called "Putting the Toughest Hurdles First," Kifner draws an inaccurate and to my mind, immoral, equivalence between each side's "most extreme elements." As if settlers, whose "weapon" is that they live as Jews in disputed territories, are in any way comparable to suicide bombers. Yes, and housing construction for Jewish families is a threat to peace equal to that of blowing up baby carriages in pizza parlors. How can anyone fall for such an idiotic notion? Is everybody out there brain-dead?

Kifner also equates "targeted killings by the Israelis" with Palestinian suicide bombings. The firefighter who breaks a window and the arsonist who lights a match, both do damage; therefore they are the same. Black is black, and black is white.

If you have any faith left that the New York Times is worth bothering about, you can write to letters@nytimes.com, or directly to their Jerusalem bureau at nytjlm@netvision.net.il. If you've given up on the Times altogether, as many have, then you can post your vent on the Open Forum message board at The New York Times versus ISRAEL. If for no other concern than the health of logic in our world, and even if it's in mere conversation with your neighbor, do what you can to expose this fallacious ploy. It's insulting and infuriating. And the way Kifner uses it, it's antisemitic.