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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

WOW. Read this!

from Naomi Ragen's mailing list

Dear Friends,

I suppose it must be obvious that the last week has brought our spirits low. I can't say I've ever felt worse about the situation. Not only do we have hundreds hospitalized, funerals, and again the atrocity of blood spilled in the holy city of Jerusalem by Muslim barbarians, but we have a government that is considering releasing more terrorists to please President Bush. The last terrorist released (who killed 14 people with an exploding refrigerator, and injured dozens) is now an official "advisor" to Yasir Arafat.

The following letter made me feel better for some reason. Perhaps because it brims with such sincere good will from such an unexpected place. I have asked the author for permission to send it out and to use her name and e-mail address (I never, ever send out anything you send to me without asking permission, the same way I would if it was a private letter written to me) which she has kindly granted.

Thank you Donna. God bless you and yours.


Dear Naomi Ragen,

I have read many articles that you have written about life in Israel. You write with great insight and truth. I am writing to attempt to send encouragement to you and to your family. I am a 65 year old American Christian woman living in the very heart of America. Each day I travel to Israel on my computer. I read your newspapers and learn all that I can about events in Israel. I have raised both of my sons to love the Jewish people and your right to live in safety in your homes and on your land. My sons are in their 30's and are strong defenders of Israel. My granddaughter is 6 years old. I teach her of Jerusalem and she knows the names of some of your leaders. She thinks Benjamin Netanyahu and I are old friends. Often she asks me how my friend Benjamin is doing in Israel. Of course, the nearest I have ever come to Mr. Netanyahu was when he came to Rochester, Mn. to visit at the Mayo Clinic when King Hussein of Jordan was a patient here. My son and I went out to the airport to show our support when Mr. Netanyahu arrived that day in our small city. We could not get within 200 feet of him ....we could not even see him depart from his Israeli airplane. But, it was close enough for us. We talk often of the day that an Israeli Prime Minister landed in his plane at our small airport...in the middle of corn fields. We felt so honored to have him here.

I do so wish I could express to you the love that is in the hearts of many of my friends. My best friend Chris lives in Arizona and often calls to talk with me about what we both have been reading. Chris calls Judie in New Mexico and we all agree to pray. We do not understand the Road Map. We do not grasp the convoluted thinking of the world's leaders regarding Israel. But this we do know...any man or woman that runs for election will never...ever get our vote without 100% support of the Jewish people in Israel and their right to ALL of their land. We send emails to our leaders to voice our views.

You wrote a question: Is it something to be proud of or ashamed of - this willingness to bury and rebuild and go on in the same direction until the next bomb? Who can know the answer except He who promised your land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? I am a gardener. I plant vegetables and flowers. I plant to bring beauty and nourishment to my loved ones. Every summer, many critters come to steal from my garden. My son and I put up barriers, we rap them, we spray, we chase. Some things work for a little while, but always they come again to take what is not theirs. So...what is the answer to your question? Well, what can a gardener do but plant again. What can a Jew living in Israel do but build again...and fight with all your might. In the long run of all of our lives, it cannot matter what others do or do not do. You, dear friend must keep writing and then write again.

Many are out here....reading the words you write. We take them to heart and we care. We will pray and we will stand up for you. Be strong and of good courage. God will help you.

A friend,

Donna Paschal