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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

11-year-old Israeli girl shot in West Bank terror attack

"An increased number of threats against civilians in the West Bank"
The Road Trap War continues, as an Israeli girl was shot inside a car as she was traveling with her parents near the Jewish settlement of Itzhar, west of Nablus. The girl was shot in her legs, and was evacuated by the IDF via helicopter to Belinson hospital in Petah Tikva. There were four other passengers in the car, including children, who escaped injury.

According to the Jerusalem Post, a military source stated that "We now have an increased number of threats against civilians in the West Bank, where Palestinan terrorists are prepared to use several tactics, such as roadside bombs, automatic gunfire and kidnappings against Israeli civilians."

MSNBC photo of a Jewish "settlement outpost" in the West Bank.

No wonder the Arabs demand the settlements be torn down and their Jewish occupants expelled. The West Bank looks positively overrun with Jews!