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Monday, July 28, 2003

Add a Jew

Yahoodi.com's "Famous Jews Interactive"
Yahoodi.com -- born in Boulder, and made aliyah to Israel at a young age -- offers two internet experiments in therapy for the Jewish People: The Peace Encyclopedia, a very valuable research resource which I highly recommend, and Famous Jews Interactive, where you can add names of famous Jews and vote for your favorites.

Categories include Arts & Entertainment, Competition, Right & Wrong, Politics & Ideology and The Professions. Under Politics & Ideology, for instance, one can choose among sub-categories: Religion & Tradition, Government or Civic Activism. Civic Activism includes sub-sub-categories:

Heads of Organizations
Secular & Zionist
Honorary Jews
Heroes & Martyrs
Grassroots & Revolutionaries.

Probably the most highly interactive category is Actors and Actresses (under Arts & Entertainment, Performers). Rather than count them, I'll just copy the list here (numbers are votes for favorites):
[5244] Wynona Ryder -- Young screen beauty with real acting talent
[3463] Noah Wyle -- Actor, 'Dr John Carter' on TV's ER
[1835] Shiri Appleby -- Star of television show, Roswell
[1486] Michael Landon -- Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza
[1369] Mark Frankel -- Actor in 'Sisters' and 'Fortune Hunter'
[811] Cary Grant -- Coolest, funniest actor in the history of film.
[639] Mandy Patinkin -- Emmy & Tony award-winning actor, 'Dr Jeffrey Geiger' on TV's Chicago Hope
[558] Alicia Silverstone -- Actress - Clueless, The Crush, The Babysitter, Batman
[496] Gwyneth Paltrow -- actress - oscar winner
[429] Al Jolson -- famous entertainer. Starred in the first talking movie
[475] William Shatner -- Captain James T. Kirk on the original 'Star Trek'
[465] Harrison Ford -- Actor: ' Raiders of the Lost Ark', 'Star Wars', ' American Graffiti', 'Witness', 'The Fugitive'
[409] Natalie Portman -- Actress, Queen Amidala in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
[299] Sarah Jessica Parker -- Acress in 'Sex and the City', 'LA Story'
[293] Seth Green -- televison actor, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Family Guy.
[185] Robert Downey, Jr. -- actor in 'Less Than Zero,' 'Chaplin,' 'Short Cuts.'
[172] Paul Newman -- Academy Award winning actor and philanthropist
[162] David Duchovny -- famous actor - Fox Mulder in X-files
[164] Jon Lovitz -- Comedian/actor on TV's Saturday Night Live
[163] Yasmine Bleeth -- Beautiful Baywatch babe and actress
[104] Matthew Broderick -- Actor in 'Wargames', 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', 'Biloxi Blues'
[118] Debra Messing -- Grace in the TV Show Will and Grace
[121] Ben Stiller -- Director/Actor: Seinfeld, SNL, Reality Bites, Something About Mary, The Cable Guy
[117] Woody Allen -- Film Maker/Actor: Annie Hall, Bullets Over Broadway, Mighty Aphrodite, Antz
[94] Yves Montand -- Famous French Actor/Singer
[96] Michael Douglas -- Fatal Attraction, The American President
[108] Bette Midler -- Singer and Actress: 'The Rose', 'The First Wives Club', 'Beaches', 'Down and Out in Beverly Hills'
[105] Dustin Hoffman -- Oscar-winning Actor, The Graduate, Tootsie, Rainman, Midnight Cowbooy,...
[102] Mel Brooks -- Film director, producer, actor: Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein
[71] Ben Kingsley -- Played Itzchak Stern in Schindler's List
[95] Daniel Day-Lewis -- Oscar-winning actor, The Name Of The Father, The Age Of Innocence, My Left Foot
[82] Sarah Silverman -- very beautiful Actress and Comedian
[87] Billy Crystal -- Comedian/Actor: When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride, Throw Momma, City Slickers
[80] Peter Sellers -- Actor in many comedys such as Dr. Strangelove,all of the The Pink Panther movies,The Party,etc.
[86] Ed Ames -- Actor: 'Daniel Boone', 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', 'The Crucible'
[69] Fyvush Finkle -- Probably most widely known for his portrayal of lawyer Wambaugh on 'Picket Fences'
[80] Camryn Manheim -- actress - 'The Practice'
[71] Goldie Hawn -- Actress in Private Benjamin, Laugh-In, and countless other movies
[71] Paul Newman -- Academy Award winning actor and philanthropist
[78] Kirk Douglas -- Actor, 82 films strong
[77] Lisa Bonet -- Actress: 'The Cosby Show', 'A Different World', Enemy Of The State'
[71] Juliana Marguiles -- Actress: ER, Paradise Road, The Newton Boys
[73] Jane Seymour -- Brittish Actress: 'Live and Let die', TV's 'East of Eden', 'Dr. Quinn; Medicine Woman'
[59] Milena Kunis -- Actress in That 70's Show on FOX
[70] Gina Gershon -- actress in Bound, Snoops
[68] Kevin Kline -- Actor: Sophie's Choice, A Fish Called Wanda, Dave, French Kiss
[61] Goldie Hawn -- Actress in Private Benjamin, Laugh-In, and countless other movies
[63] Peter Falk -- Actor: Columbo, Roommates, The Sunshine Boys
[64] Debra Winger -- Actress, 'An Officer and a Gentleman', 'Urban Cowboy'
[45] Jon Favreau -- 'Swingers' star and director (played Mikey), also appeared in 'The Replacements', 'Very Bad Things'.
[53] David Arquette -- Scream films, ATT ads, brother of Rosanna
[60] Elliott Gould -- Actor: 'Bob & Carol', 'M.A.S.H.', 'Getting Straight'
[52] Tracy Pollan -- Family Ties, wife of Michael J. Fox
[52] Harvey Keitel -- With over 60 movies to his credit, one of the leading actors in America
[57] Michele Lee -- Actress: starred in all 344 episodes of 'Knots Landing'
[58] Leonard Nimoy -- Actor, 'Spock' on Star Trek, the original series and movies
[51] Mili Avital -- Actress (Stargate, Dead Man, Invasion of Privacy, Kissing a Fool)
[41] Tony Curtis -- One of the best and most prolific American Movie Actor
[44] Mindy Cohn -- Actress from 'Facts of Life'
[53] Richard Dreyfuss -- Academy award-winning actor: American Graffiti, Goodbye Girl, Close Encounters, Jaws...
[49] Jason Alexander -- Actor: George Costanza on Seinfeld, Pretty Woman, The Paper
[50] Gaby Hoffmann -- Actress: 'Field of Dreams', 'Sleepless in Seattle', 'Volcano'
[41] Lauren Bacall -- Great actress and wife of Humphrey Bogart
[47] Mia Kirshner -- Actress: Mad City, The Grass Harp, Anna Karenina
[42] Hank Azaria -- The Simpsons, The Birdcage
[42] Steve Bond -- television actor, General Hospital, Santa Barbara.
[48] Bronson Pinchot -- Actor: Beverly Hills Cop, First Wives Club, TV's 'Perfect Strangers'
[39] Laurence Harvey -- actor ('Manchurian Candidate'; 'Room At The Top'; 'Butterfield 8')
[46] Jerry Stiller -- Comedian/Actor: George's dad on Seinfeld
[45] George Burns -- Comedian/Actor: The Sunshine Boys, Oh, God!
[46] Douglas Fairbanks -- Actor and Producer: 'The Thief of Bagdad', 'Robin Hood', 'Three Musketeers'
[44] Rob Schneider -- Comedian/Actor: 'The Waterboy', 'Demolition Man', 'Down Periscope'
[42] Rodney Dangerfield -- Comedian/Actor: Caddyshack, Back to School, Meet Wally Sparks
[37] Paul Reiser -- television actor, Mad About You, My Two Dads.
[42] Tanya Roberts -- Actress/Model: 'Charlie's Angels', ' View to a Kill', 'Sheena', 'Beastmaster'
[31] Judy Holliday -- stage and screen actress and singer, winner of an Oscar, a Tony, and a Golden Globe award
[36] Harvey Fierstein -- comedian, filmmaker, writer & star of 'Torch Song Trilogy'
[41] Sarah Bernhardt -- French Actress, one of the most famous in the history of the theater
[41] Dyan Cannon -- Actress: 'Heaven Can Wait', TV's 'Ally McBeal'
[30] Joshua Malina -- played the role of 'jeremy' on the t.v. show 'sports night.'
[37] Lilyan Tashman -- Actress in an impressive 66 films.
[37] Erich von Stroheim -- Director and Actor: The Merry Widdow, The Grand Illusion, Sunset Boulevard
[37] Lainie Kazan -- Actress and Singer: My Favorite Year, Beaches
[40] Tom Baker -- Actor: played 'Doctor Who' from 1974 - 1981
[40] Taylor Negron -- Actor: 'Better off Dead', 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'
[39] Piper Laurie -- Actress: Children of a Lesser God, Twin Peaks, The Hustler, Carrie
[39] Walter Koenig -- Actor: Ensign Chekov on Star Trek
[35] Edward G. Robinson -- One of the leading film actors of the '30s and '40s, often played gangsters
[35] Moni Ovadia -- Italian actor, singer, writer, very active in yiddish culture
[40] Richard Lewis -- Comedian/actor: 'Robin Hood: Men In Tights', TV's 'Anything But Love'
[29] Adam Goldberg -- Pvt. Mellish in the movie saving Private Ryan
[32] Theodore Bikel -- Actor, singer, linguist, storyteller, activist
[32] Robert Clary -- Actor who played Lebeau on 'Hogan's Heroes'
[39] Robbie Roberts -- Actor/Composer: 'The Crossing Guard', 'Raging Bull', 'Color of Money'
[39] John Banner -- Actor: best known as Sergeant Schultz in the TV series 'Hogan's Heroes'
[39] Alla Nazimova -- Writer, actress, producer and visionary: 'War Brides', 'Camille', ' Salome'
[39] Richard Benjamin -- Actor: 'Portnoy's Complaint', 'Sunshine Boys', 'My Favorite Year'
[39] Howie Mandel -- Actor/Comedian: 'Gremlins', 'A Fine Mess', 'Little Monsters'
[38] Red Buttons -- Comedian/Actor: The Red Buttons Show, Sayonara, They Shoot Horses, It Could Happen to You
[38] Paulette Goddard -- movie actress (Marion Levy); once married to Charlie Chaplin

Funny, for a people who are accused of controlling the media, there are only thirteen Jews listed under Journalists and News Professionals (see Performers, under Arts & Entertainment). Add your favorite today!