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Friday, July 25, 2003

AFP Headline: Bush to throw open White House to Palestinian PM

Today Pres. George Bush will welcome to the White House Palestinian prime minister Mahmoud Abbas, otherwise known as the terrorist, Abu Mazen. They are scheduled to meet at 9:30 AM, Colorado time.

The Jerusalem Post tells this morning how Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) asked Abu Mazen in April to accompany him to the Holocaust museum during his next visit to Washington. The invitation may have had something to do with Abbas's doctoral dissertation of twenty years ago, in which he estimated the Nazis may have killed "only a few hundred thousand" Jews. Abu Mazen wrote to Lantos on Wednesday, saying his current visit was too busy to visit the museum.

Meanwhile, back in Israel, (I'm sorry I can't find where I saw this, so can't provide the link):
Likud Minister Meir Sheetrit and Labor whip Dalia Itzik engaged in a nasty verbal clash in the Knesset plenum on Wednesday, with each telling the other to "shut up."

Sheetrit threatened Itzik that if no one could manage to "shut her big mouth," he would.

Itzik responded: "You idiot -- you shut your mouth."

The fight ensued after Sheetrit was the focus of an attack by Itzik when she presented a bill that would limit the number of ministers without portfolio.