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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

CAROLINE GLICK in JPost.com's first live, online chat

from the transcript:
On Arafat and AbuMazen:
There are 2 ways to think about what is happening in the PA. One is that Abbas and Arafat are working together, in which case this is all a farce. The other is that they are not working together and that Abbbas has no power, in which case it is a farce.

On exiling Arafat:
I see no reason why it should be a polarizing issue. The man is a murderer and a war criminal. In a perfect world he would be standing trial in Israel like Adolph Eichmann did. In the world we live in he should be deported to a country of his choice. He is a source of instability wherever he goes and has no moral right to be here.

On the release of Palestinian prisoners:
There are no Palestinian POWs. There are Palestinian war criminals who are in Israeli jails for committing war crimes against Israel. If they are released from prison I am certain that they will kill again.

On Bibi Netanyahu:
Bibi is my finance minister. I used to work with him and I think he is a fine leader. I believe he understands that terrorism can and must be destroyed root and branch and cannot be appeased. I think he understands that Israel has a right to win our war against Palestinian terrorist aggression.

On the "hudna":
The hudna is narrowly defined a group of terrorists declaring a general amnesty for themselves while they oil their guns and recruit more human beings to become guided missiles. It will last for as long as it serves the terrorists' interests or until we go in and destroy them.

On Syria and the Golan Heights:
Negotiable? Sure, so is my living room. That doesn't mean it makes any sense to give it up.

On the mood of the "Arab street" regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict:
I believe the Arab world is convinced that it is winning.

On the "war on terror":
The war on terror is a bit of a misnomer. Terror after all is tactic not a cause. The war being fought against Israel and the US is a war of Islamic annihilationism. Unless the US and Israel are able to fight this war both intellectually and militarily, it will be difficult to bring it to a conclusion. The fact that the US still is trying to pretend that there is a difference between the war against Israel and the war against the US is one of the reasons why it is hard to win.

What could persuade Sharon to break from U.S. pressure and do away with Arafat?
After 830 Israelis have been killed since September 2000, I don't know what could be a last straw.

Is there a possibility of real peace?
Maybe, if we stop seeing it as the aim. The aim is to live in freedom and security.

The reason for distortions of the news by the BBC?

On the role of the Diaspora Jew:
I believe that Diaspora Jews should first of all make aliyah. If that is not in the cards, then diaspora Jews should be actively supporting organizations like the ZOA that clearly call for US support for an Israeli political and military victory in the war on terrorism.

On Evangelical Christian support for Israel:
I believe that we have very wonderful Christian friends and we should respect them for respecting us.

On the drastic and abrupt change in Ariel Sharon's policies:
I am not a psychiatrist. I don't know. But I do know that his policies are wrong and should be changed in order to ensure our lives and future.

Which European states are genuinely friendly?
None comes to mind. I don't think that friendship is what we need. I think we need respect.

On the Palestinian "right of return":
The whole issue of Palestinian refugees, their status and their demand to live in Israel is rooted in the desire not to live in peace with Israel but to destroy Israel. Unless the Palestinians accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, that is unless the Palestinians become Zionists as they must if they truly desire peace, any discussion of the refugee issue is doomed to fail. There will be no practical solution adopted.

On the Palestinian"demographic time bomb":
Establishing a Palestinian state in the territories will simply exacerbate the problem. It will increase the demographic pressure on Israel because the Palestinian state will have no economic viability and Palestinians as well as Egyptians and Jordanians will come to Israel for work and not leave. As well, the Palestinians themselves and the Israeli Arab leadership maintain that they do not accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. This rejection will only increase with the presence of a Palestinian sovereign in the territories.

On Bush, Sharon and the "road trap":
US and Israeli national security interests are damaged by embracing the establishment of a terrorist state in the Levant. I believe that they are being dishonest with themselves when they believe they can wish away the fact that the state they are working to create will be anything other than a terrorist state.

On Israel's acquiescence to the "road trap":
think that Israel has been grounded down over the years by the Left and the Europeans and the Arabs that we have forgotten the one word we need most to remember - VICTORY. Because of this I think we feel trapped. Our leadership as well, has forgetten that we have a right to win wars of aggression being fought against us.

On the Elon Plan:
The one obvious advantage that the Elon plan has over the Road Map is that it has not failed yet and just for this reason alone it should be given a hearing both at the grassroots level and at the academic level. . . As well, we would do well to recall that ten years ago it seemed preposterous not to mention impractical to imagine that Israel would recsucistate its most dangerous enemy - Arafat - and allow him and his army of 40,000 terrorists to come in here and start killing us. Not only did we adopt this monstrous policy, we are repeating it now with his deputy. Given this, it is hard for me to understand why the Elon Plan seems half-baked. It has intellectual merit.

My Favorite:
Do you think that the Arabs are actually coming to an end of the intifada and they might be serious about peace?

Caroline Glick : No.

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