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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Colorado Daily publishes "Jewish Voice for Peace" activists

America's largest grassroots Jewish suicide group
If you have any interest in reading the anti-Israel rantings of some crazy suicidal Jews, then the Colorado Daily is the place to go. In a piece titled "Israel's separation wall is a barrier to peace," Liat Weingart and Mitchell Plitnick cry out against The Wall being built to keep suicide bombers out of Israeli population centers:

Israel says that the purpose of the wall is to separate its citizens from Palestinian terrorists. But the wall has a more closely felt effect on the people of Baqa Sharqia: separating them from the farms and orchards they depend on for their survival. Now many of the residents of Baqa Sharqia find themselves on the "Palestinian" side of the huge wall, while their West Bank land is on the "Israeli" side. . .

. . . The wall has infuriated Palestinians, exacerbating their sense of hopelessness and desperation. It may ultimately undermine Israel security by encouraging further violence by people who feel they have little to lose. . .

. . . At the Aqaba summit in June, President Bush repeated his commitment to the creation of a viable Palestinian state by 2005. Yet before negotiations even began, the shape of that state was already being determined - by the forced expansion of existing Israeli settlements, the creation of new ones and the construction of the massive wall that threatens to cripple the Palestinian state at birth. . .

I despise the appeasement argument-substitute that Israel "encourages further violence" if it does anything that might upset the already hopeless and desperate Palestinians. What Israel does is Israel's fault and what the Palestinians do is Israel's fault.

The authors castigate Israel, yet assume that only Israel can save the Palestinians. They say that Israel must do thus and such, but ask nothing of the Arabs. To me, this reeks of an arrogant assumption that Palestinians are incapable of acting on their own behalf.

And as for the fact that these Jewish authors are desperately concerned for Palestinians in Barqa Sharqia, but show no compassion whatsoever for their own people, well, I'm not even going to go there.

Weingart and Plitnick can be addressed at pmproj@progressive.org.