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Thursday, July 03, 2003



"As Master of Pembroke College Cambridge I have no connexion with
Pembroke College Oxford or with Andrew Wilkie.
I am now in receipt of a stream of e-mails which, like your original e-mail, accuse me of being anti-Semitic apparently on the grounds that all British Ambassadors to Syria are, as one of the e-mails expresses it, "Jew- hating faggots".

I have taken legal advice which confirms my belief that I would be within my rights to sue for libel. My reputation and by extension that of Pembroke College Cambridge has been defamed. We have many Jewish and some Israeli students, just as I have some Israeli and many Jewish friends and it could do both the College and myself material damage if this unfounded calumny were to be spread as a result of your communications. I should add that as an individual and a former diplomat who worked for a substantial part of my career for the advancement of peace in the Middle East I personally resent deeply your Insinuation against me and against my diplomatic colleagues as a class.

I should be grateful for an unreserved apology available to be seen by all those who read your e-mail with its false identification of me as being Master at Pembroke College Oxford. The apology should state that I have no connexion with Andrew Wilkie, that there are no grounds on which to accuse me of anti-Semitism, that you withdraw insinuations that a British Ambassador in Damascus is likely to be anti- Jewish.

In the absence of such an unreserved apology I will take further legal advice. This libel that you have set in train must stop immediately.

Sir Roger Tomkys KCMG, DL Master Pembroke College Cambridge, CB2 1RF"