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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

"Daniel in the Lion's Den" by Charlotte West

Arutz Sheva OPINION
. . . like a minimally exposed glacier whose depth had been miscalculated, there arose a formidable Harvard-educated historian named Daniel Pipes (son of noted Russian historian Dr. Richard Pipes), whose 30-year study of Islam, 11 books, and numerable essays on the subject had, until September 11, 2001, garnered little mainstream interest. Suddenly, he had our rapt attention. His talking head and byline were sought after by all the major media. His website DanielPipes.org became one of the most highly ranked on the internet. Almost overnight, he became a household name to those of us trying to understand, the primary credible source, the primary authority guiding the nation’s leading analysts, policy makers and opinion makers.

But Pipes was not advocating that we listen to radical Islam mindlessly to find out ‘what they wanted’. He was like the supremely knowledgeable ex-insider turned counter-kidnapper trying to wrest the besieged, brainwashed, sleep- and food-deprived, terrorized Moonie away from the cult. Daniel Pipes was trying to wrest our culture out of its hypnotized, terrorized state, to help us name our enemies, understand our enemies and defeat our enemies. And he still is. . .

Radical groups are bullying Daniel Pipes. They are unfairly, baselessly demonizing him. These smear tactics make a mockery of the values of the United States of America and they must not be allowed to triumph. We must not back down on this.

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