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Friday, July 11, 2003

Eulogy: Mazal Afari

"Mazal - may the Lord avenge her blood - was murdered by a cowardly Palestinian," he said. "She was a pillar of this community: religious Zionism at its best... The whole of Israel is crying with the family... We are a peace-seeking people, but for three years Palestinian terrorists have been attacking our women, children and elderly. They want to throw us back to where we came from - but we come from here...

"The road map is becoming a blood map. Mazal is one more example of why Israel cannot rely on the promises of murderous groups. The safety of Jews must be in the hands of the IDF." Three generations of the Afari family hugged each other for support as the body was lowered into its final resting place.

-- Labor and Social Affairs Minister Zevulun Orlev, a veteran family acquaintance, who represented the government at the funeral.