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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

from the Anti-World

The "Outrage of the Day" yesterday at LittleGreenFootballs was the antisemitic commentary of Richard Ingrams in the (UK) Observer:

"I have developed a habit when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it."

Part of the "Richard Ingrams' week" column, Sunday, July 13, was a bit called "Amiel's animus," in which Ingrams rejects the arguments of journalist Barbara Amiel, not on the basis of her logic or content, but because she is a Jew!

Ingrams says, "Many readers . . . may have been impressed by her arguments . . . They might have been less impressed if the paper had told them that Barbara Amiel is not only Jewish, but that her husband's company . . . owns not only the Daily Telegraph but the Jerusalem Post."

Read it all at http://observer.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,6903,997338,00.html

Write to the Observer at any or all of these email addresses: