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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

From "Nu? What's New?"

For Those Who Think Anti-Semitism Is Dead in Eastern Europe, this e-mail was received from Vilnius, Lithuania:

"Dear Madame President,

Can you tell us now how many records you have in your illustrious All-Lithuania Database? Your database become famous among archives in all Lithuania. Can we make Gentile ALD also?

Can you also explain to us how Jews become so rich in Lithuania? We have many towns where our olders tell us that Jews who lived there buried their gold and stones in the ground, and many of our nationals are trying since many years to find this gold and stones but few have finded (sic) them.

Do Jews use special equipment to do this? I know all Jews are smart could make special equipment. My family is happy to share many finds with world Jews if we find things.

And can help us prepare this Gentile true Lithuanian database."

Reprinted with permission from "Nu? What's New?" the Internet e-zine published by the Jewish genealogy website, Avotaynu. Free subscriptions are available at http://www.avotaynu.com.