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Sunday, July 27, 2003

"Happy Hudna" from David Wilder in Hebron

June 30, 2003
You know, Arabic may soon be mandatory in all high schools, around the world. Otherwise current events will be incomprehensible to the common person. First we had to deal with an ‘intifada.’ Now we in the age of the “Hudna.”

What is a ‘hudna?’ It is a cease-fire. Is an end to warfare? No. Is it a declaration of intentions leading to peace? No. It is simply a temporary cessation of fighting. In this case, our enemies have stated clearly and concisely: for three months. However, this hudna has strings attached: Israel must open the siege which has kept Arafat caged-up in Ramallah for over a year now. Israel must stop assaults on the Al-Asqa mosque, i.e. Temple Mount, in Jerusalem. Israel is forbidden to arrest terrorists, not to mention, assassinate them. And finally, Israel must release all Arab terrorist prisoners. If we don’t meet these requirements, which have not been negotiated, rather they are unilateral demands, the cease-fire is off. . .

This cease-fire is nothing more than a ploy, giving the terrorists some breathing room. And not a little breath room. A lot. Israel is pulling out of Gaza and reopening almost all roads to palestinian traffic, thereby endangering the lives of all the Jews living in or visiting the Jewish communities in Gush Katif. Today Israel sat with Dahlan and talking about transferring Bethlehem back to the terrorists. We’ve been at this movie before and the results have been harrowing: killing, killing and more killing.

Last night Israel radio quoted sources as saying that Abu Mazen wants Ramallah next but Israel is considering Hebron. The last time Israel pulled its forces out of 80% of Hebron the result was a massive terror attack leaving 12 men dead, including Hebron military commander Col. Dror Weinberg HY”D. Since then another 15 people have been killed in and around Hebron. But not least, Hebron terrorists have been responsible for murdering Jews all over Israel in the past few months, blowing themselves up again and again.

After Israel yet again retreats from Shechem, Ramallah, Tul-Karem, Jenin, etc. etc. the terrorists will have time to regroup, rebuilding their murderous infrastructure, getting ready for the next round. And Israel is falling straight through the trap door. We know it, but we’re letting them do it. And it’s not the first time. Way back when, 1991, 1992, when the so-called first intifada had just about died – the Arabs had lost, Israel brought them back to life – the resuscitation equipment was called Oslo.

And before that, in Lebanon, in the 1980s, we had the PLO down for the count, Israel had Arafat in its sites, but allowed him to escape. Now, we’re doing it again. The terror organizations are on their last legs – finally Israel realized the necessity to wipe them out – but no, let’s give them another chance. Will Abu-Mazen dare try to dismantle such terror organizations as Hamas or the Jihad, or even his own Fatah. Come on, who are we kidding? Despite his ‘roadmap obligations’ Muhammad Dahlan will never turn his guns against his own people.
Read this piece in its entirety at the website of Betar-Tagar UK, the "Zionist Youth/Student/Young Professional movement that cares."