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Monday, July 28, 2003

LAMENTATIONS 5763/2003 by Naomi Ragen

Let the tears run down like a river
How does the holy city sit solitary. Her enemies triumph, day after day, as her friends betray her, telling her: break down your walls. Tear down your roadblocks. Let the weapons flow in from Egypt to Gaza, to find their way into your playgrounds and supermarkets. Open the jails and let hundreds of terrorists out to kill once more. Betray the young soldiers who gave their lives to capture murderers. Do it all in the name of a peace that has no legs, nor arms.

Those who see the future, weep sore in the night at the treachery of Zion's leaders, who spread a net for those they lead into the quagmire of death and destruction. The people are busy seeking bread. They are weary of fighting, their minds cannot hold the enormity of the how they have been betrayed. The false prophets of their newspapers delude them with lying visions, paint pictures of delusion to bring them back into captivity. They promise peace, even as they report the gathering of bombs; the arrest of bombers, who sit protected from all harm.

Let tears run down like a river, daughter of Zion, as they pull down the homes of your pioneers, throw the fathers of your slain babes into the pit, and let the murderers walk free.

Youth and old men; young girls and grandmothers were slain in the light of day, slaughtered unsparingly, and there is none to avenge them. Our leaders are yellow with cowardice; our leaders set us up for more slaughter. There are terrors on every side, and none to help us. The head of our army and security forces sit with our enemies and speak kindly. They hand them towns and villages torn from the arms of terror, so they may replenish their arms. "They will get used to peace. Enjoy peace," these men who are supposed to protect us say of our enemies, taking risks, risks, and more risks with our lives. Surrendering without a fight.

All our enemies have opened their mouths wide against us. Terror and the pit have come upon us. Desolation and destruction. They are my enemies without cause.

We walk in darkness. Our strength is perished.

I have no hope in any Israeli leader. They are all deluded. All corrupt. All fools.

I have no hope in any Western leader. They are all self-serving, selfish, short-sighted, without vision, or insight. They sacrifice us on the altar of expedience, giving terror new hope, because they think the terrorists will spare their land, if they consume ours.

I have no hope in the so-called righteous of the world. Their organizations for human rights are beacons of darkness, spreading hate. They have forgotten the Jews too are human. Their twisted lies betray all truth. There is no goodness in them.

In whom do I trust, then? My soul has remembrance that the Lord's mercies are not consumed. They are new every morning. Therefore I will hope in Him, as I hoped at the foot of the great Red Sea, the Egyptians at my back, their swords drawn. I will step into the water up to my nose, and still wait for His salvation to part the seas.

I sit alone, in silence, and I wait , hoping that the Lord will not cast us off forever. Hoping that our leaders will disappear, and better ones take their place, and that the plans of our enemies will not be fulfilled. That He may take away the cloud, and let our prayers pass through.