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Thursday, July 17, 2003

A Letter From A Mother

My dearest Anat,

I don't know where to begin. The page is too small to hold all I want to write.

It happened October 10, 2002, that terrible day, the day when this huge emptiness in my heart was gashed open.
It started as a normal day. I went to work. Then, in the evening, the terrible news came. They spoke of an attack on a bus at Karkur Junction. You, my sweetest child, so small with a heart so big, who only went to visit her father and his children. You, who always cared, and always remembered everyone, who always showed up on every birthday and every holiday with a flower in your hand and said "Mother, I brought you a golden-hearted flower". You, who would call me every morning to ask how I was, who cared, remembered, and loved. You got on that bus number 841 that brought an end to your life in one instant.

From that day, my sweetest, everything changed. Every day is like a year.

Tell me how to gather my strength and continue. It is so terrible to suddenly lose a beloved daughter, a friend.
There are those who say that your soul is in a far better place, that it is better for you above. With all my strength, I try to believe that this is actually true, but, my sweetest, without you here I feel such anguish. Life here below continues. We get up, we go to work, we eat, we sleep.

In the midst of all this darkness, there are angels in the form of people: family, friends, who give, support, and help with all their hearts. There is also an organization called OneFamily, good and supportive people, who pamper and who try, with a small symbolic gift, or with an attentive ear, to bring to our lives a little happiness. My sweet, they don't need to do this. They volunteer, and they do this because they want to, from the bottom of their hearts. They are good people, with open hearts, and powerful strength of spirit.

I know that had you known about this organization, you with your warm heart and caring, would certainly have offered your hand to help them out.

I promise you that I will regain my strength and continue to come and visit you, and to maintain your grave. I will continue to write about what was and what will be, to laugh, to cry, to continue living. And you above, wherever you are, you are my comfort. We live you. We breathe you. You are in my heart forever.

Naomi, mother of Anat.

To donate to Israel Emergency Solidarity Fun - One Family, click here.