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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Letter in today's Daily Camera

No love lost on murderous thugs

Martin Peretz's article in the June 29 Sunday Camera makes me wonder who exactly are the Palestinians. While working in Jordan for Alia airlines, I talked with a Jordanian who told me Arafat was born in a small village in Jordan called Salt and never was and never has been a so-called Palestinian.

I served with the British forces in Palestine in 1947 and 1948. During that time, I had no love for the Jewish terrorist gangs Irgun and Stern, who murdered British soldiers, but I had admiration for David Ben Gurion and his Haganah, who were trying to form a Jewish homeland by peaceful means. After we left in the spring of 1948, the Arabs immediately attacked despite the fact that a legal state of Israel had been approved by some 30 nations. After the Arabs were defeated, Jordan occupied the West Bank, not the so-called Palestinians, who since that time have murdered Jews and non-Jews in airplanes, at the Olympics, in cruise ships and in most cities in the world.

BILL EVANS, Louisville